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Elcore and Gatewatcher announce the extension of their partnership .

[Chisinau / 4th of December] - Elcore, a specialized distributor of IT solutions, announces an expanded partnership with Gatewatcher, the technology leader in network-based cyber threat detection. From now on, the full range of solutions and products from Gatewatcher will be available to Elcore partners in 5 more CIS countries: Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Romania, and Bulgaria.

As a key player in threat detection, Gatewatcher has been protecting the critical networks of worldwide large companies and public institutions since 2015. The company is committed to helping organizations that are increasingly exposed to the risks of ever-sophisticated cyberattacks, by enabling them to deploy the company’s Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution and benefit from a unique 360° visibility of threats, applications and users on their network.

Key Features and Benefits of Gatewatcher’s NDR Solution

Positioned in 2022 by Gartner as a Representative Vendor in the global NDR market, Gatewatcher provides a state-of-the-art, fast, and complete NDR platform. Open and flexible, Gatewatcher’s NDR platform facilitates visibility and early behavioral detection of cyber threats to address them in a comprehensive manner. Easily configurable, it enables to identify with the certainty of malicious actions and suspicious behaviors based on a mapping of all assets present in the information system and thanks to multi-vector detection.

As cyber-attacks on companies' computer systems and networks are now more the rule than the exception, it has become essential for companies to identify a wide range of threats at the earliest stage to instigate global remedial actions and minimize business disruption. In light of this, we look forward to helping Elcore’s clients in Eastern Europe to strengthen their defense strategy, by implementing our NDR solution that provides enterprises with increased visibility on their network - critical for mitigating the impact of cyber-attacks,” indicates Jacques de La Rivière, CEO of Gatewatcher.

An extensive portfolio of cybersecurity solutions

Gatewatcher’s extensive portfolio will be available for Elcore’s clients. In addition to the Network Detection and Response solutions, the portfolio includes the company’s Cyber Threats Intelligence services, providing security experts with contextualized data on cyber threats and malicious actors.

«Entering the European market has been an outstanding journey for us over the past two years. Expanding our partnership with Gatewatcher is a significant step forward, strengthening our portfolio of cybersecurity products and solutions. We are committed to providing access to cutting-edge technology to our business partners and customers and are confident that their systems will be secure with Gatewatcher.", indicates Olexandr Frolov, Head of CyberSec/Software department, Elcore.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ About Gatewatcher

Leader in the detection of cyber threats, Gatewatcher has been protecting the critical networks of worldwide large companies and public institutions since 2015. Our Network Detection and Response (NDR) and Cyber Threats Intelligence (CTI) solutions, quickly detect and respond to any cyber-attacks. Thanks to AI converging with dynamic analysis techniques, Gatewatcher delivers a real-time 360-degree view of threats, covering both cloud and on-premise infrastructures.


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